"After following your directions to a T with the required prep products, I painted the entire dump trailer with gloss black POR 15 including the inside walls, floors etc. I then used POR hard nose gloss black on the areas that would be subjected to UV light. Looks so much better and the inside walls and floors have yet show any signs of damaged after roughly 20 loads of debris! Great product!! Thanks again!"

Jason Gregory
Calabash, NC

Attached is a photo of my 1960's aluminum boat, which was left out in a yard for 12 years, collecting bugs, dirt and oxidation. It was a mess!
After cleaning and lots of hand polishing of the aluminum, I repaired the wooden seats and transom. Then, I applied 3 coats of Glisten to the aluminum and wood transom; and 3 coats of WhiteCote to the wooden seats. This boat is now worthy of any classic boat show. Thanks for these great products.  

Ron Snyder
Annapolis, Md.

"Our customers want the best products to protect their investment, that's why we use POR-15 products. Our reputation is on the line when doing a restoration and POR-15 has never let us down.  They are great to deal with and stand behind their products 100%. I will continue to use POR-15 products on future restorations."

Classic Cars of Houston
Houston, Texas

"Our delivery and service trucks are the face of our business out there on the road and we want the vehicles to look their best.  When we had a problem with the lift gate rusting badly, and we tried everything from rust converters to re-painting every few months, we finally found the answer!  POR-15 has so far out lasted anything we've tried before, and we are looking for metal all around our business just to see what else we can protect and keep looking great.  Thanks POR-15 for a great product that really works."

Matthijssen, Inc.
East Hanover, New Jersey

We absolutely love POR-15! We use it on all our projects. We promote it to all our clients, prospective clients, friends...well, just about everyone who might have a use for it. People are often skeptical, but when we show them some of the work we've done with your products, they're always impressed. And when we tell them how durable it is, they ask where they can get it. We even prefer it - and recommend it - over powder coating because it isn't nearly as susceptible to peeling and flaking off.

Every restoration we do gets undercoated with POR-15 and - where appropriate - engine compartments are also painted with POR-15.

Have a look at our website and you'll see just how much we rave about it. Look at the "Recent Projects" area and you'll see POR-15 mentioned in many of the restorations we do. 

Bob Carroll
Midlife Classics, Inc.
Princeton, TX

"The POR-15 products were purchased in November 2007. The project was completed in September 2009. We are very satisfied with your products and I do recommend them to others."

This pickup is a 1939 GMC, model 152 long bed, with original colors of Inca Gold and Black.

Leo Neufeld

"After disassembly and sandblasting the frame and suspension were painted with two coats of POR-15 semi gloss black. Its been several years and the frame looks like it was just painted. This stuff is great."

John H.
New Jersey

"I am a firm believer in the use of Por-15. When I began the ground up resto of my '69 Camaro I removed the sub-frame and had it sand blasted. I then used a metal cleaner on it before eventually coating it with Por-15. I did this myslef with great results even though I had never used this product before. It's simple, easy and last forever.....you can beat on it with a hammer and it won't chip...it's like the stuff becomes part of the piece you put it on. It's like this impenetrable shell. And it has nice smooth shiny black finish. I love it. One caution though....DO NOT get this stuff on you...it takes forever for the stuff to come off. When I did my sub frame I got it on my arms in more than one place...I scrubbed till my skin was red and irritated and it still didn't come off (the redness and irritation was from all the scrubbing...not from the Por-15)....days later I still had it on me....LOL and it will NEVER come out of your clothes. But I ain't complaining...it turned out great and I love it."

Wild Bill's Garage

"It's called POR-15, and it's the slickest concoction we've seen in some time. We repaired a mildly rusty '69 Camaro floorpan in about an hour of actual work. And the floorpan is now as good as new, maybe even stronger"

Car Craft Magazine

"When maintenance was required on our HVAC units we called on POR-15.  Their professional team came in and repaired and restored each unit with their arsenal of concrete and metal coatings.  The repairs exceeded our expectations and even leaks we gave up trying to prevent were fixed!  POR-15 really works!"

Phil Machado

New Jersey Sports Authority Meadowlands Racetrack

For the past 4 or 5 years I've been extolling the virtues of POR15 on the Studebaker Driver's Club website. I've used it on both of my Studebakers, used mostly on the body and frame, but also on one of the fuel tanks. As far as I'm concerned the underbodies of my cars are better protected than when they were made over 55 years ago. I've also been advising members of my local  chapter, the Heart of Ohio Studebaker Drivers' Club on its use. 

Thomas H. Bredehoft
St. Louisville, OH.

"I am a lead project officer for Picatinny Arsenal ARDEC (Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center). I was recently charged with refurbishing a neglected storage facility. The building was in terrible shape with shedding paint on the walls and and oil-soaked floors. 

A POR-15 representative provided solutions to optimize this building at minimal expense with fantastic results! 

Our peeling walls received a treatment of incredibly strong FlexCote White to clean and brighten the area and moisture-lock the water-seeping bricks. The Floor Armor application provides incredibly strong protection from fork lifts carrying heavy pallets of steel being continually driven across it.

Our building is now heavily fortified with POR-15 coatings and I will be recommending your products for other installations in the future."

Lewis Campanile
Lead ARDEC Project Officer, ARMOR  Picatinny Arsenal, N. J.

"My husband and I are in the process of renovating an early 1900's Victorian house. For the master bathroom we wanted to retain the original sink, clawfoot tub and pullchain toilet, but all of the porcelain was terribly rusted and corroded.  We looked into buying new reproductions, but found the costs were way beyond our budget. Then we decided to do it ourselves with POR-15 along with your White Hardnose Paint.  The fixtures came out beautifully and the finish is still perfect three years later! Thanks to POR-15 we were able to restore our original fixtures to like-new condition, and save thousands doing it!"

 Holly S.

"We used POR-15 to restore our 1968 Mustang California Special.  A very rare car, we wanted to restore it as authentically as possible.

The car has won "Best in Class" (2007), and "Outstanding in Class" (2005, '06, '08) at World of Wheels in Kansas City, and has also received 16 additional  top awards.

We use POR-15 on every car we restore. It's a superior product and easily the best rust preventive coating available anywhere. Nice job to the folks at POR-15!!"

Paul F. Stevenson,
Graham International

"Hurricane Katrina made a POR-15 believer out of me!  I own a 1971 Corvette that I had treated with POR-15 back in late 2004.  At the time I was a resident of Chalmette, Louisiana, just east of New Orleans.  As most people know, on August 29th, 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana and Mississippi.  I was forced to leave my Corvette behind.  The car sat in 4 feet of water for over a week.  When I finally was able to get into the city and inspect my car, I was surprised to see that the POR-15 painted surfaces look just as good as when painted.  I managed to wipe off the mud from those surfaces with nothing more than a wet rag.  POR-15 has to be the best stuff on Earth!  All the metal parts of the car not treated with POR-15 were missing paint, pitted, and all around degraded from the chemicals in the water.  I've made the decision to bring the car back to life again, and I am glad to say that POR-15 will be a key ingredient in it's restoration.  With POR-15, if this car goes underwater again, the last thing I will be worrying about is the metal parts."
Thanks for your creation,

Mark Browning
Former Chalmette, Louisianna resident

I was in the process of moving my Air Ride gauges & switches from it's temporary home for 5 years (Rear end glove compartment) to where the ashtray used to reside under the climate control up front when I noticed while running the air lines up under the carpet, that I had some minor rust issues up under the jute padding for the carpet. It was not too bad, but to let it go would, had made it worse over the coming years. 

That's when I decided to just yank out all the interior, carpet, and jute padding, and refurbish it all while I was there. I wire brushed scuffed the entire floorboard, cleaned it up, and added 2 coats of Por-15.

AJ Jones

As to POR-15 engine paint, the picture attached says it all! 

I've used POR-15 products on a couple of vehicle restorations, and am impressed by the durability and toughness.  For example, when I paint the head of a bolt, I don't have to worry about chipping the paint when I install it.  I don't have to sandblast to remove rust 100%, I can simply prep it and coat it with your product, saving time and money.   

Burbank, WA

Been using this process for years.  Just published this article in tech section of dcfiats.org largest local Fiat and Lancia club in the nation.

John Erskine 
New Jersey