My buddies and I have been using POR15 for years fixing vintage motorcycle tanks. The stuff rocks! We tried the rust product on the seems of a 1970 Ford Bronco and Truck. Turned the metal into a useable, sandable, sealed foundation. Then we restored both Trucks. I 'am always in the market for products that work. Twenty vintage dirt bikes, two vintage trucks and one 1956 Piaggio Ape Vespa, can't be wrong. Thanks  POR15 !!!!!! 

Paul Kamanski
San Diego, Ca.

Only one word can describe POR15 "MAGIC"……..
Victor Muñoz 
Los Angeles, California

This wonderful product has help me with my projects so many times weather its cars, trucks, lawn equipment to hose repairs it’s the best!! I hope every body reading this would give it a try once and you will be hooked as it is so helpful and it really works!!! 
Feasterville, Pa.

I am a constant complainer but I also give credit where credit is due. So far, your product is working exactly as you claim.  I cleaned and prepared as you indicate and I applied two coats. The product has dried to a hard covering unlike any paint or primer I have ever used. I look forward to the next few years to see if it continues to work as you claim.  

Thank you,

Hugh Whitmore
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I have repeatedly referred to my use of POR15 products for sealing chain saw fuel tanks and gear boxes on the Arborist web site, Chainsaw forum.
A few others have used your products as well and agree with my assessments.

Mark Heimann 
Dike, Iowa

Dear POR-15, 

 Your POW-R-LINER bed-liner is one of the most versatile products of its kind on the market.  It stood up to wear, tear, and abuse in my truck, on my wheel rims, and on the luggage racks on my ATV.  Not to thick, not too thin, easy to apply, it's the perfect bed-liner (multi-purpose liner!?) around.  Thanks. 

Ian Parrish
Baltimore, MD

Dear POR 15

  Just wanted to say thanks for coming up with such a great product. I used it to seal up a 68 Camaro that I totally restored for my first son when he turned 16 and now I’m using on a 69 Firebird that I am restoring for my second son’s 16th birthday. It’s the only antirust sealer I will ever use.

James C. 
Aurora Mo.


  My names Joe I’m a maintenance mechanic at a Mfg. co. in NJ. My boss bought a 1952 MGTD a few years back and it needed a little love. One of the problems was the state of the fuel system, the tank and the sending unit were fouled with a combination of bad gas and rust. Now the paint on the car was very good having been previously restored by it’s former owner, but it had sat for years and the internal workings were fouled ie: the fuel system, and the brakes etc. If you know what an MGTD is then you would also know that the fuel tank is mounted on the rear of the vehicle and is painted like the rest of the cars exterior so “ boiling out the tank “ would mean re-painting and matching the color which is not so easy to do and is costly as well, so I suggested using POR 15’s fuel tank cleaning system. It worked perfectly and really surpassed my expectations, there was no need to re-paint the tank and the marine clean cleaned the original sending unit so well that I didn’t need to replace it. So in my situation where the fuel tank is a finished painted piece POR15 was a perfect fit. I have since used it for several motorcycle gas tanks and have recommended it to others. Great product and the MGTD is back on the road , looking and working great!                                                                                                                                  

Joseph Tomasello  
Jackson, NJ

I have an issue with the rear quarter panels on my 01 Mazda truck. The panel flares out just a little in front of the rear wheels so that road debris thrown up by my front wheels when they turn spray back and take the paint off. I have tried many products to deal with the rust film that forms. The road debris would just take these right off.  I used the POR15 system in September of 2010 It is now mid March 2011 after a very harsh northeast winter and there has been no damage to the POR15 treated areas. I plan to purchase more POR15 products to treat other areas on the truck. THIS PRODUCT WORKS.

 Andrew Cook

I have used about 3 gallons of por-15 on & In the frame  & the inside & bottom of my  36 dodge silver on the rear end housing  & upper & lower A arms   & recommended it to a buddy with a 32 roadster he has used about 2 gallons thus far
 I have learned to buy in quarts as some has been wasted now but in quarts I will be needing  engine paint soon.

 Ken Moore
Griffin, Ga.

I own a restaurant service company and we coat the rusted floors of our walk-in coolers. Your silver POR15 generally last 4 years before needing a re-coat in a heavy traffic and very harsh environment.

Rod Brace
Des Moines, Iowa

My story with POR15 
I've used your product numerous times since I first discovered POR15 back when I was in the US Military Stationed in Germany in the late 90's. First time I used your products were on a 1978 Firebird I restored, I don't remember everything I bought but i know I used the cleaner's, metal prep and the black rust coating, best thing was you shipped to an overseas military APO address, lot's of company's do not do that. My latest project was last year, I used your products for a very rusted motorcycle gas tank, thanks to POR15 I was able to remove/clean and coat the inside of this tank that otherwise would have been useless to me. I have told many other biker friends how great this products work. 

 Scott Brunt
Warner Robins, GA

I am a member of . We discuss the merits of POR15 all the time, log in there and search POR15 I’m sure you’ll see many praising your product including me (stovens) on the site. Great Stuff used it to treat my chassis and floor pans, and interior sheet metal in my 1948 Ford F1 truck. Thanks, would love a small bottle to treat the rusty metal on my 1875 Apple press that still is in use!

Steve Napolitano
Petaluma, Ca.

I first started to use POR15 several years ago when restoring my 64 Impala convertible.  Because of that success I've found other uses.  I live on the banks of Lake Erie and we have severe storms.  I coated my rusted iron railings surrounding my lake front deck with great results. I treated a rusted old family wheelbarrow.  I have a "Endless Pool" whose galvanized steel panels were severely rusted at the base under the liner,  these were also treated which probably saved me from using "patch panels".   Presently I'm doing an old rusty iron park bench.  If it's rusted metal use POR15.  Thank you for your great products.   
Russell B. Mosier
North East, Pa.

I used POR15 and loved all your products including the epoxy putty. Have a car website and would be glad to have you advertise on the site or become an affiliate and promote POR15 through my email list. 

Brad the Classic Car Guy

Dear Por15
I love you more than anything, because I'm a sculptor who cannot live without you. I invented a method for making sculpture from painted bronze mesh. In order to 'set' the shape after I sculpt it I use Por15 and then paint the piece with acrylic. It makes for very unique works of art which has garnered many awards thru the years thanks to your wonderful product. Unfortunately the only store which carried Por15 in Hilo, Hawaii is now gone, so I'm hoping I can order it from you and have it shipped to me.

Karen Mortensen
Pahoa, Hi.

Rusted Oil Pan Still OK 3 Years After POR-15 Coating
I did a POR 15 coating on my rusty oil pan about 3 1/2 years ago. I did a quick check a month ago when changing my oil. I saw some, what I thought was rust on the pan. Got under the truck today to do a repair of the POR 15 job and discovered the rust was some dried up rusty water that left a little orange on the black coating. 
I cleaned the pan with POR 15s cleaner and did a close inspection of the pan and the coating was 100% intact with it being in the same shape it was when I put the coating on.
I had some bad rust on the pan 3 years ago and I'm sure with out being treated, it would have rusted through by now. I'm sold on the POR 15 process and would like to urge everyone with a 7.3 to check their oil pans and get the rust stopped before its pan replacement time. $1800-$2000 job. I think I paid about $20 or so for the kit. Took me about 3 hours to do.

James Dewald
Fruitport, MI

I have a Kohler powered Gravely tractor, which had a rusty fuel tank. Replacement tanks are rare and quite expensive, so I decided to use POR-15 tank sealer rather than pay for another tank. It has been well over 10 years ago and the tank is better now than it was when new. Similarly, on the snow blower attachment, I had some surface rust and the impellers had been stripped of paint by 30 years of ice, gravel and wear from snow. I painted the rusty and bare areas with POR-15. After surface prep as in your instruction sheets, then painted over it with polyurethane paint. Five years later, it still looks the way it did the day I finished it. 

Thank you for a great line of products that do as advertised. 

Jerry Weinraub
St. James, N.Y.

I have a 1971 Ford F-100, 20,698 miles, which sat in a barn in Indiana for a while. There were no real major issues for the truck when I purchased it, but the surface rust on the underneath, from the cab backward, required attention. I attacked it with sandblasting, Metal Ready, Marine Clean, and POR-15. I am currently dismantling the front portion to clean and paint with either POR-15 or POR-15 Classic Black paint. So far it is an excellent marriage for the truck. I am very pleased with the results and will use those products to finish it out.
What I really need is a long, flexible sprayer device (hose with small spray nozzle) for getting into support channels under the truck and truck bed. Some places just can’t be painted with spray cans, daubers and brushes. So far, nobody has invented such a device, that I know of. An longer 18-inch tube that would connect to a spray can might work.

Actually, I provided a statement similar to the one above, posted at My Garage at the forum you visited.

Donald M. Ricks
Decatur, Alabama

I'm a big fan of your products. I had the opportunity to tell someone about it in an auto parts store the other day. They are doing a frame up restoration on an old truck. I told them I swear by the stuff, brought the guy outside to show him my truck. He was sold after seeing how clean my frame is after two salty Vermont winters. Again, great product! I wish I could have my entire truck painted in POR15, then painted with normal paint again. I don't think I'd ever have to worry about rust.
Liam F.
Mendon, VT

I have used the por15 paint on my restoration project. I'm using it to paint my trunk, floor pans, and other body parts. This stuff is amazing and the only product that I will use on my car. I also use the fuel preservative, metal prep and marine products. It is turning my old rusty 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Hardtop from ashy to classy.

Kinsley Robinson