POR-15 Detail Paint
Detail Paint

Detail Paint

Replicate a Raw Metal Look



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Feature: Size: Stainless Steel 16oz Aerosol
Feature: Size: Cast Iron Gray 15oz Aerosol
Feature: Size: Cast Aluminum 15oz Aerosol
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POR-15 Detail Paint

Replicate the original look of metals on cast parts with POR-15 Detail Paint

POR-15 Detail Paint provides a professional grade finish that reproduces the original look of cast parts. POR-15 Detail Paint is designed to have a low sheen, will not yellow and will keep your restored component looking factory new. POR-15 Detail Paint is formulated to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protect metal substrates against weather, sunlight, oil and water.

Applications: master cylinder, steering box, transmission housings, hood springs, driveshaft, suspension components etc.

- Detail Paint Technical Data Sheet


POR-15 Detail Paint on timing chain covers
Available in 3 colors. From left to right: Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel


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