Blue Ridge Pipeline Terminal
Alberta, British Columbia, Canada
Coating of three petrochemical storage tanks due to multiple failed coating systems and methanol leakage
Alberta POR-15
August 2003

POR-15® & WhitecoteT

POR-15® is a high performance, versatile aromatic moisture cured polyurethane coating designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces and concrete. Due to its non-porous molecular composition, POR-15® is an excellent sealer for porous substrates because it completely protects from water, chemicals, salt, and mineral oils. The highly porous characteristics of most substrates and traditional coatings permit harmful elements to penetrate which initiates deterioration. POR-15® is also able to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

WhiteCoteT is a moisture cured two-part extreme high durability urethane topcoat that is based upon our bulletproof clear coat Glisten PCT. WhiteCoteT has been tested extensively at our proving grounds in Sydney Australia where the UV index is often upwards of 17. The product has been proven to be so durable that it is now used in space to protect satellites.

POR-15® Preparation & Coating System 


Surface was cleaned and degreased with Marine CleanT to remove contaminants that interfere with adhesion and restoration.


Surface was prepared with Metal-ReadyT to neutralize rust and corrosion with zinc phosphate and promote chemical bonding of POR-15®.

arrow.gifSTEP 3

Application of two coats ofPOR-15®. 
Each coat was approximately 2-4 mils.
arrow.gifSTEP 4

Intermediate fireproofing coating followed by two coats of POR-15 WhiteCoteT applied at approximately 4 mils each.