POR-Patch Test Results

Weather Resistance 

ASTM B-117 Salt Spray - ASTM B-117 Salt Spray - The oldest and most wildly used weather cabinet test. It introduces a spray in a closed chamber where specimens are exposed at specific locations and angles. It creates a 100% relative humidity condition in the exposure zone. POR-Patch was tested for 168 hours at 97 degrees F in a condensing humidity spray. The coated panels were free of rust and pitting
Weatherometer - Dew cycle XWR with corex D filter. The cycle is 30 mins sun at 135 degrees F, 30% relative humidity and 30 mins dark at 75-80 degrees F, 100% relative humidity. 1,000 hours of exposure equals 5 years of simulated exposure in the Rocky Mountain region. There was no change in 3 panels coated with POR-Patch exposed for 2,000 hours. POR-Patch was applied to a rusty substrate as a finish coat. Thickness = 2 mils

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Bath Test After 200 hours of soaking in the following chemical bathes, panels coated with POR-Patch experienced no changes: 10% hydrochloric acid, 50% sulphuric acid, 55% chromate, 85% phosphoric acid, 10% sodium hydroxide 98% methanol
Raw Sewage Test A metal box that houses a filter for raw sewage in a treatment facility was coated with POR-Patch. After a year of service no viable undercutting or rusting was present on the housing.

Temperature Resistance 

Temperature Resistance POR-Patch is temperature resistant up to 450 degrees. A test showed that no adhesion was lost at 450 degrees F for 10 hours.


Lab Test Lab tests show that POR-Patch has excellent adhesion when applied up to 14 hrs of the first coat. Excellent adhesion was proven after application two weeks after the original coat and the intercoat adhesion was determined by a crosshatch tape test.