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POR-15 Top Coat DTM paint (formerly FlexCote, BlackCote) is a direct-to-metal coating designed to work on prepped bare metal and work incredibly well in all applications where there is a need to help preserve substrates susceptible to corrosion. POR-15 Top Coat safety colors comply with OSHA required/recommended color codes for marking physical hazards and designating caution, to include protective equipment. Under exterior exposure POR-15 Top Coat has exceptional long-term sheen and color retention. POR-15 Top Coat can be applied directly to metal substrates or previously painted surfaces, with no need for a primer or undercoat, and is formulated to form a robust barrier that sheds moisture to provide long-lasting protection. POR-15 Top Coat provides excellent adhesion and when used over POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, works to provide a permanent barrier to corrosion.

- POR-15 Top Coat Technical Data Sheet

POR-15 Top Coat provides long lasting UV protection to metal surfaces like this water access point. Top Coat colors are available in safety osha color for compliance.

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