POR-15 Visits Jay Leno at Big Dog Garage

POR-15 was invited to Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage in Burbank, CA for a tour and to film a video. Watch the above video to hear Jay talking about using POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer and POR-15 OEM Truck Bed Liner on shop projects by he and his crew.

Jay Leno stopped by the POR-15 booth at SEMA to check out our restored '39 Ford Flathead.

POR-15 Visits Richard Rawling at Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawling, owner of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX spoke with POR-15 about the shop and using POR-15 on many of the custom builds and restorations done at Gas Monkey Garage.

POR-15 Visits Duane Mayer at

American Hot Rods

Duane Mayer, owner of American Hot Rods in Anaheim, CA and former Shop manager for Boyd Coddington, says "We've tried other rust coatings and had poor results, but now use POR-15 at the shop to cover unprotected metal during our restorations and have had nothing but great success"

Duane Mayer at our SEMA booth signing autographs, meeting fans and talking about his experiences using POR-15 products.

POR-15 Visits Steve Strope at

Pure Vision Design

Steve Strope, owner of Pure Vision in Simi Valley, CA, recently began using POR-15 and says "This stuff is unbelievable. It permanently sticks to metal and creates a surface that won't scuff or rust. We use it on many bare metal surfaces and paint our finish coat on top".

Congratulations to Steve on winning Fords Best of Show for Outstanding Achievement in Design at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

POR-15 Visits Troy Ladd at

Hollywood Hot Rods

Troy Ladd, owner of Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbank, CA, has been using POR-15 products for years on many of the parts of their hot rod projects.

POR-15 Visits Greg Thurmond at

GTS Customs

Greg Thurmond, owner of GTS Customs in Simi Valley, California, says "I always have a can of POR-15 in my cabinet. I use POR-15 on frames and suspension parts. Its a permanent coating and looks great for years."

POR-15 meets with Dave Kindig at SEMA

Dave Kindig 
of Kingdig-It-Design in Salt Lake City, UT and seen on Velocity Channels "BITCHIN' RIDES" uses POR-15 inside doors and on frame components of many of their restoration projects and hot rod builds.

Andy Cohen from Andy's Auto Parts 

Andy Cohen from "Junkyard Empire" seen on Velocity Channel is ready to apply POR-15 on his next project. "One of the steps we do during our restoration work is to use coat the frame and suspension parts with POR-15 for permanent rust protection."

POR-15 Visits Steve Reck at

Da Rod Shop

Steve & Mike from Da Rod Shop in Simi Valley, California and also Discovery series RODS N WHEELS have been using POR-15 for years on many of their restoration projects.

POR-15 Visits Rick Dale at

Rick's Restorations

Rick Dale and the crew at Ricks Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada use POR-15 on many of their customer projects and POR-15 has been seen on the History channels series American Restoration.

POR-15 Visits Mark Oja on the


Mark Oja, a member of Chip Foose's A Team from the show OVERHAULIN seen on Velocity and Discovery channel, says "We use POR-15 on many of the cars featured on the show. We know we can count on POR-15 to be a permanent durable coating that Stops Rust Permanently."

Chip Foose at NACE Cars Detroit with


Chip Foose, owner of Foose Design, Inc. and star of reality TV series Overhaulin, uses POR-15 on many of the projects seen on the show.

POR-15 visits Chip Foose at "Foose Design" in Huntington Beach, CA.

POR-15 Visits Steve and Travis at

Welder Up

Steve Darnell and the crew from Welder Up in Las Vegas, Nevada and seen on Discovery channels Vegas Rat Rods show says "POR-15 is great, has never failed me, its a product I count on for many of our projects".

Charley Hutton at SEMA with POR-15

Charley Hutton, owner of "Hutton's Color Studio" in Nampa, Idaho, uses POR-15 to prevent rust permanently on many areas of their hot rod projects.

Stacey David Visits

POR-15 Booth at NACE

Stacey David, host of the TV series GearZ, stopped by the POR-15 booth at the NACE-Cars show to talk about the many uses of POR-15.

Slick from Slicks Garage Visits

POR-15 Booth at SEMA

Slick from "Slicks Garage" in Palmetto, Florida stopped by the POR-15 booth at SEMA and said "POR-15 is the best. Living in Florida we have a very humid climate that promotes rust. I use POR-15 on much of the exposed metal during restorations. Slick and Dennis can be seen on Discovery channel's Highway To Sell.

KC Mathieu from  Fast N' Loud Visits

POR-15 Booth at NACE

KC Mathieu, owner of KC's Paint Shop and featured on Discovery Channel series Fast N Loud and Gas Monkey Garage, says we used POR-15 on many of the builds seen on both the show and in my shop.

Dan Woods from Chop Cut Rebuild Visits

POR-15 Booth at SEMA

Dan Woods, host of MAV TVs show "Chop Cut Rebuild", stopped by the POR-15 booth at SEMA. Dan says "I use POR-15 as well as their other products such as gas tank sealer and paint remover, great stuff".

Jeff, Meg and Eric from Flat 12 Gallery at SEMA

Jeff Allen and his team from Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas  and seen on CNBC's 'THE CAR CHASERS' says "When we need to seal a fuel tank or stop rust we count on POR-15 to get the job done".

The Custom Shop at SEMA

John Wargo, owner of "The Custom Shop" in Flanagan, IL, has displayed 49 vehicles at the SEMA Show over the past 17 years, continuing to raise the bar and make each year even more memorable.  They have built SEMA projects for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota.