POR-15 Decorative Chips
Decorative Chips

Decorative Chips

Vinyl Color Flakes for Floors



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Feature: Colors: Black, White, and Gray
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Our beautiful POR-15 Decorative Chips will make any floor in your home bright and beautiful. Our vinyl chip flakes will remain flat and will resist ultraviolet degradation. They range in thickness from 4 to 6 mils.

1 container is enough to lightly cover 550 sq ft giving a light density look. If a high flake density look is desired, we recommend buying 3 or 4 containers per 550 sq ft.

Use on: Garage floors, Laundry-room floors, Basements, Shop floors, Porches, Concrete Slabs, Sun Porch Floors, Walls, Dog Runs, Utility Rooms, Warehouse Floors.

Chips colors are a mix of Black, White, and Gray flakes.

Garage floor finished with POR-15 Concrete Floor Armor LV Deluxe Kit